It’s Just Your Imagination: A Cybersecurity Horror Story

Ready for a little secret?

Storytelling is NOT so much my forte. For story-listening (this should become a thing😊), well, you can count on me for that. I looove listening to stories. Insert an element of realism, oh, and please remove those embellishments, then you’ve got me!

So here’s me trying to play a role I don’t so much fit into, and YOU helping me out.

Phew!😮‍💨I think I’ve digressed enough, so what do you say to my offer?

Let’s start with you playing the role of my colleague.

We’re just two work besties, chatting over lunch at a nearby restaurant, and I start ranting about how a bank that I tried to open an account with was asking me some annoying security questions.

Now, I somehow let the answer to one of my security questions slip out of my mouth when you said: “Are you serious?”.

Of course, you meant good! You had no evil intention whatsoever, but what if a third party was present that day, carefully listening in on our conversation? It just so happened that we were too into the heart of the gist that we didn’t notice.

Let’s now bring your imaginary lens to the online world. This sensitive information that was leaked unknowingly to a stranger can be used to hack my account, which is tied to one of the company’s most important data and assets.

Oh, but little did we know how much of a sophisticated hacker this stranger was, and based on my simplistic nature, he got to guess other things about me correctly.

You must know that I hold a very significant role at my company, and you would think because of my position, I would have known the basic cybersecurity rules when it comes to online etiquette, but this story didn’t have a good ending. It could have, but it didn’t. You know why? (I’ll tell you at the end of the post).

Okay, now, you can stop imagining. This didn’t just happen in your imagination; it’s happened before (not to me though), and it’ll happen again if more people don’t see the need for creating a cybersecurity awareness culture.

Key Takeaway

Cybercrime is a BIG industry and it’s one industry that doesn’t plan on slowing down, but you already knew that, right? This is why cybersecurity awareness in every organization is NEVER to be taken lightly. If your users are your weakest link, what plans do you have to fortify them?

I know just where you can get the highest-quality training content on cybersecurity and real-world phishing simulations for your users – let’s meet Terranova Security. With over 20 years’ experience, Terranova Security has learned how to make cybersecurity awareness training and education FUN.

Need a demo to do the convincing? We’re an email away, reach us at, and we will take it from there.

I think you must have guessed the moral of the story. You were thinking the same thing…I know, right? If only in our imaginary story, there was someone who could have told us about Terranova, it wouldn’t have ended in such horror.

Don’t become a character in the next “horror story”, trust us, you would rather invest now than regret later.

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