How to gain better control of I.T. requests and solutions across your organization

“John got to work feeling a bit unsettled; being an I.T. Helpdesk Manager comes with so many responsibilities. Sharon from the marketing department had complained the previous day about not being able to receive emails from external people, the HR department also complained of having series of network downtimes through the day, and with all of that, a customer had also reached out to him that she had been having issues with the newly purchased software they just installed in their organization.

50 other requests had come in yesterday, and he was yet to view and respond to any of them. If only there was a way to properly route tickets automatically”

IT Service Management


A typical day at work is full of numerous requests across all departments that need urgent attention, and if your organization is that which serves its end-users/customers, then there is a need for well-structured I.T. Service Management.

According to World Economic Forum, today’s customers’ expectations are becoming exacting.

“Some essential attributes of customer expectations in today’s digital world include contextualized interactions; seamless experience across channels; anytime, anywhere access to content and services; transparency; and access to peer review and advocacy.”

You want to provide your end-users and employees with smooth I.T. service management that firstly understands the issues and then addresses them promptly without hassles. A great way to ensure seamless service delivery in your workplace is to have an automated system that can manage requests and proffer solutions when necessary.

Why is having effective I.T. service management important?

ITSM is now more important than ever as technology advances and organizations are looking for ways to build a proper structure and workflow around their I.T. service delivery.

ITSM (I.T. service management) is sometimes used interchangeably with ITIL (I.T. Infrastructure Library), but look at it this way, ITSM is a set of practices, policies and procedures that helps an organization to manage services delivered to employees and end-users, while ITIL is a framework that teaches best practices to implement ITSM in an organization.

Let us now address the question; why is having effective I.T. service management important?

Having an effective I.T. service management will:

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness to lower I.T. costs and increase ROI
  • Drive end-user satisfaction through automation and self-service
  • Give you real-time insights on assets and inventory in your organization
  • Improve your overall service delivery quality
  • Provide engaging self-service

If you desire to effectively design, build, deliver, and manage I.T. services within your organization, then you should consider having a modern ITSM solution for all your service request and delivery needs; and our best recommendation is SolarWinds Service Desk.

What is SolarWinds Service Desk?

SolarWinds Service Desk is a modern I.T. service management (ITSM) solution that eliminates barriers to employees and end-users support services; helping you deliver faster and effective solutions to incidents and requests.

Some key features that make SolarWinds Service Desk stand out as an ITSM solution are:

  • Incident management 

SolarWinds Service Desk consolidates, manages, and prioritizes incoming tickets. With Artificial Intelligence and Smart technology, you get recommendations for the right solution for a ticket.

  • Service catalog

Standardizes service request and fulfilment processes to help you create effortless supports and services across your organization.

  • Process Automation 

Service desk also helps you quickly and efficiently get tickets to the right teams with automation rules.

  • Help desk knowledge base 

SolarWinds Service Desk offers an employee self-service portal with a knowledge base help desk full of step-by-step articles and tutorials that address a wide range of tech questions, incidents, and concerns, allowing employees to resolve issues independently.

  • I.T. asset management

SolarWinds Service Desk has a fully integrated I.T. asset management system where you can easily manage your assets, help desk tickets, and software license updates by visualizing the full asset life cycle to identify areas where you can reduce the overall cost of assets—saving time and money.

  • Service portal 

 With its service portal, users can have a single place to submit tickets and requests.

  • Service Desk Chat & Mobile App

SolarWinds Service Desk Chat and Mobile also give your employees and end-users the ability to instantly interact with your service desk, helping you quickly provide the resources and support they need to stay productive from anywhere.

Surely, you would want a free trial for SolarWinds Service Desk Solution to see these features in action.

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