Digital Transformation – Where to Begin

To explain transformation, I would like to begin by explaining its contrast which is change. Sometimes we learn a thing by learning what it is not.

To build a business that would be significant in this new world, we would have to unlearn what we know and be willing to educate our minds on what we do not yet understand.

To start with, I would like us to learn from the frog and the butterfly.

Change is how the frog evolves: from what you see as an egg, it grows to the tadpole, legs emerge, and then become the frog, but the substance of what starts as the egg is what becomes the frog. This is ” change “: a series of predictable events foreseeable from observing a set process.

Now, look in the mirror and see a butterfly. The slimy caterpillar that cocoons itself incubates, hives off, and then it emerges the beautiful butterfly, which in no way resembles its original form. Hence what we could call transformation.

This happens often; we misappropriate change where transformation is needed in our business environment.

Here is what I mean – you are currently asking “how do I create frogs?” when what you need to be asking is “how do I create butterflies?”.

Now that is the hard question. How do I transform, how do I disrupt? We will look at a few instances.

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Nothing is new under the sun. The same things have been revolving. Only that, across the globe is a tremendous improvement in structure, application, delivery, performance, just to mention a few.

This goes to every entrepreneur, CEO, and every creative out there willing to stand out and impact their world with their extraordinary genius.

Admit first that nothing is new! What we mostly see is either change or transformation in play, and the latter being what leads to disruption. Now, with transformation being a keyword, hold on to that for a while.

Also, know that whatever you produce is a function of what already exists. Hence, you may not have created something new. However, there could be new things about the style, approach, or delivery of what you have just created.

What then is new?

Is it your delivery? Or is it how you put out your offer?

Listen to this now. You could, with innovative ideas and strategies, make your product better, effective, and attractive. Your service could be lighter, faster, or stronger by your additive touches on how you think to present it to suit your customers.

Better still, you might develop a medium to reach out to new customers that you alone monopolize! That way, the market is all yours, and you will earn good money.

Now, here is the interesting part, it has been the same product given a different brand name. It has been the same service offered differently. The strategy, delivery, performance, and efficiency are what makes the difference.

So, as an entrepreneur, a leader, and the great thinker that you are, what should you do? Bearing in mind these keywords: disruption, change, and transformation. Begin by first asking the right questions for the right solutions, tools, and technology to transform your workplace.

Sure, you would need help to clearly discover ways to adapt technology to enhance your business. So, send an email to with the subject Digital Transformation, and you will get a free tailored discovery session from our certified experts and professionals for your business.

  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

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