A Licensing Model That Works for You – Exploring SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability

In the world of I.T. adventures, it’s the second quarter of the year, and our hero, John is faced with a puzzling predicament. Armed with the responsibility of keeping servers and infrastructure in tip-top shape, he finds himself in a battle to convince the management of the need for a new network monitoring solution.

But wait! The plot thickens! Earlier in the year, they had invested in a shiny and costly new solution, only to discover that it lacked the necessary capabilities to support the organisation’s growing needs. The disappointment was so real for John!

Now, with the organisation’s needs growing and racing faster than a hyperactive cheetah, poor John is left scratching his head. How can he defend his case and save the day? It’s a conundrum that would make even the greatest minds ponder.

What would you advise John to do?

Many Network Managers, I.T. Managers, CIOs, etc., have at some point been in a similar situation to John. They found themselves caught in a web, desperately trying to find that sweet spot between affordable and high-quality I.T. solutions.

Unfortunately, many professionals eventually decide to settle for less and manage an ineffective solution due to the high cost of seemingly effective ones, or the complexity of their model of licensing. But in the long run, the work needs to be done, and it needs to be done very well.

Over the years, numerous surveys have shown that effective use of technology and tools is crucial for productivity in the network and I.T. fields. But sometimes, there seems to be some “corporate clash of the titans” when it is time for I.T. teams to present their budget for a new business year to their management. This many times leads I.T. teams to showcase inventive ways to save costs while still attempting to meet the company’s technological needs; hence, it becomes a daunting task.

When it comes to network management and monitoring solutions, SolarWinds is recognised as a global leader in providing products and tools known for their ease of use, scalability, and affordability, making them popular among businesses of various sizes and industries, including government agencies, educational institutions, and managed service providers (MSPs). You can say that SolarWinds is the Super-man of the I.T. management industry (The one without a kryptonite weakness, though 😊)

SolarWinds recently launched Hybrid Cloud Observability (with HCO as its short form) – a comprehensive, integrated, and full-stack observability solution designed to integrate data from across the I.T. ecosystem, including networks, servers, applications, databases, and more. The platform is designed for organisations of all sizes and industries, and it includes built-in intelligence designed to help customers optimise performance, ensure availability, and reduce remediation time across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

SolarWinds HCO helps Network Professionals go beyond basic monitoring to enjoying deeper visibility and monitoring capabilities. Basic monitoring can tell you when something goes wrong in your I.T. infrastructure, but Observability helps you identify why it happened and provides actionable steps to address them.

Some core benefits SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability provides include:

  • Full-stack visibility for you, no matter your size or where you are in your digital transformation journey.
  • Helping you detect anomalies across massive, cross-domain data sets to increase operational efficiency, predictability, and productivity.
  • Integrated portfolio with rapid time to value and lower TCO compared to mixed and point monitoring and management tools.

Now here is the icing on the cake…

SolarWinds HCO is a simple yet powerful tool that has simplified the procurement process. It features a single product using a familiar node-based licensing model. You only need to purchase the nodes you require with a single license, and deploy them however you want across your environment.

SolarWinds HCO comes with two-tier packages depending on your capability needs:

  • SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Essentials
  • SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Advanced

It is safe to say that SolarWinds HCO has helped bridge the wide gap between efficiency and affordability for all network and I.T. professionals. Now you don’t have to be stuck in a complex situation like John, you can now embrace simplicity, affordability, and visibility all in one bundle – SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability.

We had a live demo of it recently, and you can watch it for free here: WATCH NOW!

And if you would love to have a discussion with us on SolarWinds HCO, feel free to mail us via discover@ha-shem.com.

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