Confessions of an Honest Sales Person

Customer service is hard. No, it’s not a mistake! You read what you just read. It is hard, but you ask yourself the ageless question: so, who is to blame? Is it you or me? Or is it our speech or actions? Oh wait, it must be the body language. But I say NO a million times to all the blamers and the blamed. There is a very important part of a relationship we all have been blind to all this while. It is what can bind or break a relationship forever.

Let’s first find out what makes a customer. It is only natural to have a preference for a buyer who we sell to without having hiccups on the sales track. Good customer service, as many have said before, does not come as an inborn trait in salespeople so whether we like it or not, we have got to agree with the notion that says that the customer is always right. Right? Yes, they are. In his book, Once a Customer, Always a Customer, one of my favourite description of a customer by Chris Daffy is that they are not an interruption of our work — they are the purpose of it.

A customer is not an interruption of our work — they are the purpose of it.

Once a Customer, Always a Customer – Chris Daffy.

What then makes customer service so hard if we know who and what our customers represent in the business cycle? It’s one thing: COMMUNICATION. Sorry, there are two things: TRUST also. Did I say two things? There are many things that make customer service seem so hard but these two stand out to me. I believe if communication is one-sided, then it cannot be complete because the information is only understood by the giver, not the receiver; and trust is like a rope that two people must always hold its end to make it stand strong. This is what makes a business relationship strong. This is what makes good customer service.

So, permit me to rephrase my first sentence. Customer service is hard until you learn how to communicate effectively to a customer; and it becomes harder until you show yourself to be a trustworthy partner to your customer. That’s what building trust is all about.

Kindly let us know your comments below. In what ways can trust be built with a customer? When it is broken, how can trust be regained?

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